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Sinusitis (English) Edisi bahasa Ingris

erdasarkan long, sinusitis symptoms can be divided into acute and chronic sinusitis. When the symptoms lasted under 12 weeks are still classified as acute, but when complaints have been over 12 weeks then categorized Chronicle. "Chronic Sinusitis is generally caused by the blockage of the sinus tract more permanent or lasts a long time, such as allergies, polyps, tumors or abnormalities of anatomy."

Dr. Dian explains, symptoms of sinusitis is nasal congestion is accompanied by thick mucus often smell. "Sometimes accompanied also by the olfactory loss". The body temperature can rise and sufferers often complain of a headache.

Other typical symptoms of sinusitis is a great pain that increases when the head is moved. Usually the location of the pain associated with sinus location involved. On the maxillary sinusitis, for example, pain is felt in the lower eyelids, ears or front teeth. Frontal sinusitis can cause pain in the forehead and around the head. Etomoidalis sinusitis cause pain at the base of the nose, behind the eye and eyebrow, while sfenoidalis cause sinusitis pain behind the eye and the ear. obatpembesaranprostat.com

Should be with antibiotics

Facing patients sinusitis, doctors will usually listen to complaints and conduct a physical examination of the patient. The patient is usually in the form of cold condensed, occasionally clogged nose, smelling, smelling the normally join reduced headaches or felt heavy on my face and head. Colds are considered generally perceived walking towards the rear, to the throat (post nasal drip) which usually lasts longer than 2 weeks.

The current examination of the nose by a specialist Ear Nose Throat (ENT) already fitted aid diagnostic tools in the form of Nasal Endoscopy, called nasoendoskopi. This tool is quite small and can fit into the nasal cavity the edges there is a camera that is connected to the TV monitor, so the good doctor can directly see paisen and Anatomy of the nose.

This can be seen from an examination of the type and origin of the secretions of the nose, what is happening in the sinus tract may be the cause of the occurrence of sinusitis and other anatomic conditions such as the septum deviation, konka hypertrophy or hypertrophy adenoidal problems even when there are times of the tumor can be directly detected. (http://sfwhotties.blogspot.com/)

On sinusitis on examination it will be found nasoendoskopi thick secretions that come out of the mouth of the sinus is involved that runs towards the back of the nose or in the nasopharynx or called post nasal drip. From this examination can be directly in the know also what have been the factors presdiposisi blockage in channel of this sinus, polyp, tumor mass is or only narrowing the channel due to inflammation by an allergy or infection. Don't forget to make sure the condition of teeth tooth top geligi especially the back ones could be one cause. The data above is sufficient to establish the diagnosis of sinusitis.


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